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Gumtree Ad Posting
Australia's most advanced ad posting service
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The Opportunity

Gumtree Australia has over 5 million users searching for products and services each month. Most ads are individuals selling second hand items to locals – the traditional classified ads. Gumtree allows businesses to post an unlimited amount of ads in their location of choice. A captive audience looking for products you currently already sell.

The Problem

There is currently no easy way to for businesses to post ads in bulk which makes Gumtree not a viable sales channel for Australian businesses paying normal staff wages. Its time consuming and slow to list an item on Gumtree.

The Solution

We have developed a solution that we have used since 2016 and have improved our internal systems to a point we can now offer it to other business in Australia. We take your products from your website and post ads in the correct category in Gumtree on your behalf. We also keep the ads fresh by reposting them after a period of time set by you.

We are also able to take care of the customer service questions that come in from users looking to get more information. 

The Cost

For the next couple of months (ends September 2019) we are running a half-price promotion. This price will go up as we grow. Plus we will waive the setup cost if you have either a Magento or WooCommerce website.

  • BASIC PACKAGE monthly plan
  • $399
  • Up To 1000 Products
  • Refreshed 5 Times
  • 10 Locations in Australia
  • $300 Setup Waived*
  • PRO PACKAGE monthly plan
  • $799
  • Up to 5000 Products
  • Refreshed 5 Times
  • 10 Locations in Australia
  • $300 Setup Waived*
  • CUSTOM PACKAGE monthly plan
  • $POA
  • Unlimited Products
  • Refreshed Many Times
  • 1000+ Locations
  • API Access

* $300 Setup is waived for businesses with website using WooCommerce or Magento only.

Customer Enquiries Answered

We have started to offer a service where we answer the questions from people about your products. Common questions are “Where can I purchase?” “Can I pick-up?” “Do you deliver?” etc.. The quicker you get back to questions the higher the chance of making a sale. We have a KPI set of 15 min to respond to questions. 

How we respond depends on your instructions and we work closely with you so our replies are in-line with how you conduct your business. 

Customer Enquires Answered

Let us deal with questions and answer them following your instructions
$ 600 Monthly
  • Replies within 15 minutes during business hours
  • Knowledgeable staff able to handle very technical questions
  • Australian based staff

Who Is This Suited Too?

  • Businesses with a  website that can make sales. If your conversion rate is less than 2% you may struggle getting enough sales to make this viable.
  • A bricks and mortar business with a website that can sell will notice a good jump in sales.
  • A business located in a big population area will see great results.

Who Is This Not Suited Too?

  • Businesses where their conversion rate is very low.
  • A business that doesn’t have products in different categories.
  • Business that don’t have strict internal sales and support systems.

What Is The Next Step?

Most of our clients got in contact with us and had a chat about their website and asked questions about the mechanics of the product data, or privacy questions, or about compliance and tracking.

We normally setup a screen share to show you the process live. This way you have a good idea about the part we play and whats expected from your side.

We want to make sure we are investing in long term clients, so we will have some vetting questions for you too.

Some of our clients use us exclusively to get them website sales, so we know this works for the right type of business.

Send an enquiry through the contact us page along with your website and phone number. 

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Steve, CEO

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